Serve Thurston

Local churches from around Thurston County are uniting together to lead their churches in an unifying effort to make sure every foster care child has a home to sleep in. In 2016, there were less than 80 licensed and active foster care families to serve more than 300 children who were currently in the foster care system. As Christians, we realize we were once spiritual orphans separated by our rebellious sin from our loving God and Father who saved, redeemed, and reconciled us to Him for his glory and our great delight. 

Because of this good news, we know that the church is the answer to this foster care problem. As Jesus sacrificed his life for us, we display the gospel of Christ by sacrificing our comforts and conveniences to serve these children in need. For some of you, your participation will lead you to becoming a licensed foster care parent and taking these beautiful children into your home. For others, it will be serving these foster parents by offering respite by watching their children for short stays to give them the rest and refreshment needed to continue their service. There are many ways to get involved. You can make a difference!

 Watch what happened when the church gathered to address the foster care crisis.

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Resources For Building Awareness

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Is your church interested in learning how to minister to foster children? Is your congregation or individuals in your church already involved? 

Below are links to sermon materials, and resources you can use to keep this need before the church. We hope they will provide additional inspiration and insight as you lead your community. Thank you for your heart for the fatherless and for partnering together to ensure that every child has a home to sleep in

God’s Heart for the Orphan Study Guide

A look at God’s call for us to care for Orphans taught by Rick & Kay Warren.

A Series of 3 sermons

Sermon notes outline for three messages on the biblical mandate to care for the fatherless .

God’s Gift of Adoption

An article by Jason Cornwell

The Cosmic Significance of Adoption

An article by Dan Cruver

The Prodigal’s Suspicion and the Global Orphan Crisis

An article by Dan Cruver